A Long Time From Now

Gunna make a zine from the photos me and Beed took at the beach the other day. Since hes making one, I thought I'd make him one too. This isn't what it will look like. im just getting used to using indesign as I've never been taught it, so just finding my way around.

Lady Guadalupe

Im not religious at all. But I really really like the Lady Guadalupe imagery. I want one, but think it would be a little bit wrong as im not religious at all and never plan to be. I just really like this image. Heres a quick unfinished job... I think I wanna do a really big really detailed pen and ink drawing of it. But heres one just for now.

100th Post



Mmm... found some 'unpublished' pictures of Marilyn. I don't really need to say anything..



Been hanging out at the beach today with my good friend Andrew Beedle. 
We took some photos. Heres some he took of me.


Painting is really relaxing

Today I reminded myself how relaxing painting is. I got a message from someone off flickr who wants to buy a print of my Dallas painting I did a while ago (the one that the man himself has a copy of) But its unfinished, and has been in this state for a while....

So I decided to work on it today since someone wants to buy a print. Heres where I got up to, still a while to go yet...


Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar

Today I went off to Leyburn to 40's weekend thats going on today and tomorrow. Got dressed up and went. My mam also dressed up and was so good haha. So funny. But I'll not put a photo on here as she wouldn't appreciate me putting her photo on the internet haha. It was fabulous. Everyone looked amazing, and it made me relised for the 10000000000th time that I'm totally from the wrong times. Heres below is a photo of a lovely family who were there, the children were even dressed up.. and their parents refered to them as "come along Miss Emma, come along Miss Jane..." so nice...

Its so nice how everyone is so friendly at 40's days. And nice when old people smile at you in a kind of "thanks" way, that I'm such a young person and get so into it. We were talking to a couple of old women, and they asked me how I felt about being such a young person dressing up like this, and I was like.. its pritty normal for me.
Heres me with some lovely men who kindly let me have my photo taken with them, they were super friendly.

And a man at the station...



Heres a little photo of my little ragdoll when it was super hot a few weeks ago. It must be hard having a fur coat in such heat..



Today I went to what use to be the Sealife centre. Well its changed its name now to something with Blue in it. Total crap. But anyway. Funny little story for you...
I remember going in primary school and today I saw the exact place and remembered the person talking to us about mermaids purses and starfish. Anyway, I remember years ago on this school trip down to sealife centre, the woman let us hold on of the starfish, but she was like "okay make sure your hands wet before you pick it up or it will stick to you" and I didn't dare do it because I thought 'oh no, what if I dont wet my hand properly, im gunna have this starfish on my hand for the rest of my life'. okay. maybe its not that funny. But it made my mam titter when i told her. Anyway, years ago, you used to be able to touch the animals, but now they have stupid signs up saying you cant touch them. I wanted to touch a sting ray :( 
Heres a few pics. I'll probably put some more on when i get them off my phone. Im quite surprised with the camera on this phone actually. I only worked out how to get them off onto the computer the other week (after having the phone since last August may I add) but yeah, its quite alright. Those pictures below off my sad bee were all taken with my phone. I think this blog is becoming a wildlife blog.
P.s. Watch out for those Dog Faced Puffer Fish.




Tried to scan a negative. Didn't work too well.


I just got the best thing ever in the post. Sams other part of present for me. Don't even believe it. Old crows/ Young cardinals. IN A CARDBOARD SLEEVE. MMMMM. And. Poo. 
A signed poster....


Biro Owl

This biro was a piece of crap. 

Owly Ziney

Think I'm gunna make an owl zine. 
Spread the love for owls.
Hoot hoot.

Sad day, Bee

I started writing this blog but the electric went off because of the thunder so I'll start again.
Right. Just now, I went to the vets with my Mam, and when we left it was really sunny and theres loads of lavender in our front garden. And on the lavender, was about 1000 bees, just having a nice time. And I thought woah there's so many here, and I love bees, I'll take a picture of them. So I did..

Then. We came back, and it was thundering and had been raining loads. 
And no bees. 
Appart from one. Who was just stuck, drenched on a piece of lavender. So I HAD to save it. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. It couldn't even move. So I picked it up. Let it sit on me for a bit to dry off and then i put it down in a dryer spot to recover. But I just went back out to see it again, check its progess, and its still fighting for its life :( 

Conclusion: sky, please don't rain when my bees are out. They're not built for water :( its like putting a sponge under a showerhead. 



Bit too late

I managed to get that last post in just in time. But didn't have time to put a picture in, so it looks pritty boring. 
So here something a little too late.





I got some photos developed a few weeks ago from both Alexisonfire shows I went to with Sam at the Borderline in London, and since I have nothing else to blog about, and I need something to look like I've been doing something productive, heres a couple that I took. Taken with a Boots buy one get one free disposable camera, how hi-tech. So heres Dallas right in ya face. 
I really wish I had a negative scanner because the photo printing these days is crap. So If anyone would like to purchase me one of those beasts, I'd be very happy and maybe kiss your face. And maybe put some more photos on.



I finally, after how ever many years, have 1000 friends on my myspace account. I don't whore or anything like that. So this is a celebration. If you don't already have me on there, go add me, its a design one, not a stupid 14 year old myspace "comment my pics, whore 4 whore" one. 
Ill make a prize for the 2000th friend. 
go go go!



So today I went to Newcastle shopping with an old friend. And we went into Fenwicks and I encountered the strangest things I've seen for a long long time. I thought it was a joke. But it wasn't. I have nothing to say about it, but wierd. Make your own opinion. And enjoy.


Judy Judy Judy

Finally I've got myself round to doing something slightly productive. I thought I'd have a little practice at drawing a face since I haven't done one for quite some time, and was wondering if I can still draw with a pencil. Its not the best thing ever, proportions are wrong and its a little bit wonky, but oh well, blame the 'out of practice' excuse. 
I chose Judy Garland,I have no idea why, maybe the answer to that is somewhere over the rainbow....also with some better jokes.