Hoot made a friend

Got a friend now. Also for sale. £2.50 plus £1 postage. 
If you want one let me know!
I think theres more to come.
p.s does anyone else think that carousel is the saddest film ever? has anyone ever seen carousel? probably not.
Anyway, heres the two little friends...

Hoot Hoot, Twit twoo, and other owl related noises...

Made a little finger puppet, they are for sale! £2.50 and £1 postage. Let me know if you want one!
super cute and fun little finger puppet with little beady eyes. 
hoot hoot.



A friend pointed out my STUPID mistake in putting the wrong link to my tassel shop. I corrected it now.. and just to make sure. its:



A little off the design and illustration topic, but anyway who cares its my blog. 
As some may know, I'm heavily into burlesque. And 'especially for you' (in true kylie stylie) that are also interested in burlesque,and would like to try twirling yourself, I am now selling nipple tassels and pasties perfect for stage wear etc, (for a very reasonable cheap price), I now have an online store. 




Just got myself a nice new hit counter, so hit me as much as you like and I'll be able to see if theres actually people who look on here. Thanks!

More flash added

Added more to it... inspired by the lyrics "let my ashes blow with the wind" .. its an urn.


After having assesments for uni, it was commented that "tattoo art is a dangerous area to be working in, as it doesn't relate to any other art appart from itself, like fantasy art". Its a valid point to an extent, but i like it, so today decided to try and make my own flash sheet. Inspired by City and Colour lyrics...
"I can hear my train coming..."
More to come. If its any good at the end, i might try selling copies...y'no, like them famous tattoo artist, whats his name, captain jerry summet or other. LOL.


An unfinished self portrait from ages ago... I'll say that again... unfinished.


Young Cardinals

Hyping up for Alexisonfire's (fave band) new album coming out this summer. Just decided that I needed to keep up the watercolour and do a painting, so what better way to practice than on a mans face. I need a smaller paintbrush for the hair and to finish off eyes and things.

Some things

Some things that ive finally got photographed.... I need a new camera I think.
Vinyl and Book Cover.


Been away too long.

Been away too long, doing fun things like avoiding swine flu with hand gel and things.
Heres some stuff. p.s. i got a mac, but that was like 3 weeks ago now.