Office Shelf: of a Goff

Was at London Tattoo Convention at the weekend. And remember in an old post where I said I was hoping to get done by Oliver again. 
That great man Oliver managed to fit me in even though he was booked all day! Thanks Oliver! 
Got myself a little owl and I love him very much. Convention was brilliante, managed to stay till later this year (last year the tubes were off so had to leave quite early because Sam lived quite far away, but this year it was like a minute walk from her and Beeds new flat!)
Anyway. I'm rambling! Heres some faces and stuff.



Dia de los Muertos


My new flat mates helped my build him! 
He needs a name now. 
His home is my desk.


Today I bought this post card, I also bought a wooden owl to construct, and use as my pet, since I cant have animals at uni. But I cant make it because Im stupid :( 
I need someone whos good at constructing things from wood, so that I can have a little owl on my desk.



Heres the cow photos from yesterday. 
They didn't work as well as hoped because the light wasn't very good.
 The night s are certainly drawing in! Im excited for Halloween! 
But for now, get up close and personal with a few cows.
(To start off with they were right on the other side of the field, but being the cow coo'er I am, I called them over and had a nice little chat with them)

Just moved into my new uni flat! 
Im so happy now I have a desk to work on, and the lushest lamp ever I bought from my trip to ikea the other day mmm.


After I post this, I'm packing away my Mac to move back to uni. 
So this is my last post for a while maybe because I don't know whats happening about internet in the new place! 
Bye for now!
P.S. Oh, I've also just been on a walk with mama and took some photos of cows with my new homemade lens, I'll post them as soon as I can, cowface.



Aye, eye.
Think I need to draw something and remind myself that I am not a photographer.

Number two

Made another one with a lens we had in the garage. 
This ones alot clearer because it doesn't have any scratches on.

Works better outside
50p and you can make the world look so much different!

Fishy fishy fishy

Just fitted the lens to my camera, when I really should be packing.

Testing testing

Home made Fisheye lens
I've never been able to decide if I like fisheye lenses though. 
Total cost of 50p
Shows you dont need to spend 100's of pounds on flashy lenses.
I will take some more interesting photos, these were just tests taken on my phone.

A little video my good friend Andrew Beedle did a while ago! 
Hes just reminded me of it. 
Hes fierce, check him out...



Just browsing on Flickr and just found the most perfect photo ever. 
Its just beautiful.
Credit to http://www.paulodourado.com/
Check out his other stuff its amazing.


Packing, decided to take a photo of my Alexis and City and Colour collection.
Go to the link below for tagged picture to see what things are!


Taxidermy animals, to add a touch of gentility to the place.


New craze for everyone right now. I can't decide if I like the music. 
I THINK I do, but I don't know, need to have a closer listen. 
I like her style though and she has really good hair. 
Just annoying that now its becoming more and more popular, everyone will be wearing victory rolls.
I want red hair.

Nice photo...


I probably should have posted this a few months ago. But I've just found the photo on my computer and realised I didn't post about it. (Excuse my stupid "proud of brother" face)
My brother graduated. 

Today I experienced 2 things I'd never done before. 
1 was going to Ikea
2 was (despite the fact I live right near there) go to the Angel of the North.


Packing Potatos

Currently packing some things up for the big move next Saturday. 
Im taking these little tatties along with me <3

Mr.Potato Head and his Mrs.


I wonder when I get married and the time comes to tell my husband I'm going to have a baby, if he'll go to the beach and do this..

I miss red lips