Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar

Today I went off to Leyburn to 40's weekend thats going on today and tomorrow. Got dressed up and went. My mam also dressed up and was so good haha. So funny. But I'll not put a photo on here as she wouldn't appreciate me putting her photo on the internet haha. It was fabulous. Everyone looked amazing, and it made me relised for the 10000000000th time that I'm totally from the wrong times. Heres below is a photo of a lovely family who were there, the children were even dressed up.. and their parents refered to them as "come along Miss Emma, come along Miss Jane..." so nice...

Its so nice how everyone is so friendly at 40's days. And nice when old people smile at you in a kind of "thanks" way, that I'm such a young person and get so into it. We were talking to a couple of old women, and they asked me how I felt about being such a young person dressing up like this, and I was like.. its pritty normal for me.
Heres me with some lovely men who kindly let me have my photo taken with them, they were super friendly.

And a man at the station...

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