Started my Book Making elective!
First weeks task was to adapt an book we got given. The theme is Emotive/Motion/E.
Ive chosen to look at motion and motion of waves and patterns and how the moon controls the waves. Heres my adapted book. 
(I also made another one, photos to come soon after once I've taken some good ones, but heres the final one) 

Then in lesson we were taught how to make a hardback japanese bound book. 
Heres the outcome!
It feels so good to actually make something useful! I want to make my own sketchbooks now!


I got a nice new little sketchbook and I've broken in to it with some kind of rubbishy sketch

Also, This was my xmas present. 
(excuse the really crap photo though)


Finally got a final for my Uni Fish Project, kind of. 
Few little niggles like things being too close to the edge of the page but they'll be rectified. 
Here it is..


Back from the festivities. 
Happy New Year.