Finally, after alot of procrastination, got my animation done! 
Here's some screen shots. Its not completely edited with audio yet so video will come soon. 


Started to animate Cecil today. 
Heres a test animation to make sure hes working properly, its only short though. 
Blink and you'll miss it. 
I did another one before this one which is available for your viewing pleasure on my flickr, but I prefer the lighting in this one. He's in the moonlight here.


Also I'd like you to meet Claudia, who will also appear in my animation.

Cecil in his natural habitat.
Animation that I'm finally getting round to doing after months of putting it off... 
I really hate animation, only because I cant do it.


I was watching parts of snow white last night (when I should have been doing work) and found that I think I'm actually the wicked witch....

And today I'm having an intense work day/getting very messy with ink...