Stop wasting food

Illustration for a newspaper article for uni about Brittish culture wasting food and how its one day going to leave us starving and dying. What better way to involve a skull into something. Coloured version.


Shine a lino cutter

Lino print Ive just cut. Taken from an old tattoo design I did from my friend Ben (which can be seen on my flickr! www.flickr.com/sammybear). Took a while! Possibly thinking of selling prints of this! A4. Let me know if you want one!




Wide faced Liberty

My computer got a virus thing earlier so I started to draw while I was in a mood waiting for it to fix.

Hurly Burly Curly Wurly

Going to 2 burlesque shows this week. One on wednesday and one on friday, which is my societys show. Possibly a show on saturday aswell. Saturday is valentines. Any other offers are offerable. Haha. Heres a 'Not-So Dita'ish' Dita to celebrate.



Feeling bad for not posting anything for a few days because I've been super busy. So to make up for my lack of posts, heres a dry point print from a few weeks ago.


Tried to do a water colour for illustration. Been busy busy with uni work and its slippy outside from the snow, even though we didn't get alot, I want more. Like about 10 foot of it. Heres my watercolour guys. Not very professional but its my first proper attempt. Also not finnished.


Snow, prints, and other hat related things

Been trying to snow here all day, when I first woke up I thought there had been a fire, looked alot like ash floating around.
Also, another cutting mat print i made from the other day. Didn't print too well though due to the paint drying too quickly, need to get myself some of that nice black printing ink. Yummy.
A word of advice also:
A Bird in the hat is worth 2 in the hand

Pinch, punch

Pinch, punch, for the first of the month
Busy,busy, busy uni.
Happy February.