Boogie Woogie

So next month I'm planning on going to Leyburn 40's weekend. And it reminded me that I didn't get chance to go to Lindy Hop classes while I was still in Leicester, and since I have now left Leicester for the summer and theres no where to go here at home, and more importantly no one who would go with me. 
I so much want to learn it though. 
Maybe at the 40's weekend, I'll pick myself up some "Noah" character, who will lindy hop with me. Oh how I love the Notebook, as cliche as it is. Its a brilliant film and I fully appreciate the style and attire. Its more than just a chick flick to me.
p.s. one of these days I WILL draw something and put it on here insead of talking about crap.


More fellow artist lovin'

An old friend has also featured me on her deviantart. Thanks Kini!
Check her out! 



God I look heart broken. 


Les Chats

Just worked out how to get pictures off my phone onto the computer, after about 10 months. So heres 2 of my lovely lovely chats from a while ago.

Bye Michael

Dunno why its taken me so long to do this. But Jacksons dead. Okay, he might have been a little bit wierd, and theres uncountable jokes you can make about him, even I did it.
But you have to hand it to him, he was really really good. Im quite sad. Maybe he'll return as one of those zombies in thriller.
Bye for now Michael. If I ever have a daughter, I will name her Billy Jean.


Old Cards from Wives

So now I'm home from uni, I now have full access to all the crap that I love thats on my wall. I have a wall just full of stuff that people have given me, pictures I like, things I like, and just general rubbish. And since I've posted Sams birthday card to me for this year, I feel its appropriate to post some other cards from previous years which were on my wall. So heres 2.

My 17th Birthday Card from both wives.

And my 18th from wife.

Wifes Birthday card

Today I just received the best birthday card ever from wifey, Sam. None of it will make any sence because its all inside jokes and stuff we talk about. But you can have a look anyway. I can't look at it without 'bersting' (that means... y'no when you laugh and it kind of bursts out of your pursed lips trying to keep it in. Thats a berst). 
I also recieved a card from my grandma, which said... 'To Mamantha"


Cant stop

I can not stop listening to Old Crows/Young Cardinals. I just love it so much. Theres not one song that I dont LOVE. If you haven't got it. I recommend that you buy it. I want a crow and a cardinal tattoo. After the owl. I might just get a sleeve of birds y'no. Would that be good. Owl, Crow, Cardinal, Flamingo, Peacock... then. I think I'll extend it onto my chest and get a blue tit... 



The newspaper bits make the shape of a cardinal.
That just makes me want to marry this album 10 times more.

22nd june

Today was my birthday. I hate my birthday anyway, but this one more so because I didn't even get to see my wives. Instead. I went to buy a certain much awaited album. And I'm more than pleased with it. Its the lushest thing I've heard in a long time. I was surprised at the poster inside. That will be definatly be going somewhere. Im not sure where yet. 

Also. Heres my birthday cake. LOL. It was tasty. 4 candles for my mental age.

Also, heres me with one of my cats, I have 5 of them and I miss them alot while I'm away at uni. She's a ragdoll. Which means shes really floppy and doesnt really care about anything in life. So RSPCA don't sue me for mishandling her. She actually likes it.




Kind words from Sam Grubb

(Thats his work above)
A friend on my course named Sam Grubb just contacted me asking if he could blog about my work on his blog. I'm extremely flattered that someone would want to make a blog about my work.
 I think you should check his blog out, its very entertaining and he does really good cute funny little drawings and posts about funny stuff.
Check him out here: 

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow


Got home today. Had alot of trouble getting everything into the car though. Didn't think it was all gunna fit. My mac is currently sitting on 2 large green Harrods boxes with my keyboard on my lap. I have alot of unpacking and sorting to do. I miss my desk. Note to self: Next year, don't take as much shit.


One last thing in theme of the theme

Comin Home.

Tonight is my last sleep in this here bed. Ever. And this is my last blog ever made here. Mamma and Pappa are coming for me tomorrow. G'bye Victoria Halls. Hello home.


That goes in there

Really lush video.
p.s. it seems that I'm blogging more than one a day since I have nothing better to do. Oh god.
anyway. enjoy this.

Best Game ever


 So before all you typographers go crazy. That post below was a joke. I know the typography is all wrong. It was just something I bashed together in about 2 minutes. So don't scream please. And this stupid post won't go centred.

Keep Calm


While packing up my room to go back home for the summer, I found my old college photography loan card with a funny picture haha.


So, ever since I was a kid I've loved the sound of music. I always thought that when I was 16 going on 17 that id have one of those rain kisses that Leisle and Rolph have. It didn't happen. Anyway. My dear friend Jake also shares a love with the sound of music. It was one night when he was drunk and came round mine after a night out to co
llect his bag, he noticed my DVD and started singing Edlewies really loudly. I hope that my flat mate heard it from all the noise she's made for me.  But a
nyway, he came around the other day and we watched part of it. And hes gunna print us tshirts with the poster on. I really want this kiss one...

But actually. I've changed my mind. I think I want this one instead.



Fruit and Flash

Gallows Photos

Heres a couple of photos from Gallows at the Purple Turtle in Camden the other week. 
Was a show for XFM radio.

Stuart Gilli Ross
Stephan Carter

What am I even doing?

Im so bored, and its resulted in me drawing sauces (post below) and clicking all over on flash. This took about 2 minutes. LOL

Getting Saucy


Old Crows/Young Cardinals

Okay, so the album has leaked but I'm gunna wait till Monday till i actually buy it and have it physically in my hand and listen to it. Plus, its a bonus, as its my birthday on monday so its a nice birthday gift for me. Thanks Alexis. Anyway. Me and Sam decided to make gig posters for fun for the gigs we went to last week, she got hers finnished in time and gave hers to Dallas, but i didnt get mine done, and still havent.