Sad day, Bee

I started writing this blog but the electric went off because of the thunder so I'll start again.
Right. Just now, I went to the vets with my Mam, and when we left it was really sunny and theres loads of lavender in our front garden. And on the lavender, was about 1000 bees, just having a nice time. And I thought woah there's so many here, and I love bees, I'll take a picture of them. So I did..

Then. We came back, and it was thundering and had been raining loads. 
And no bees. 
Appart from one. Who was just stuck, drenched on a piece of lavender. So I HAD to save it. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. It couldn't even move. So I picked it up. Let it sit on me for a bit to dry off and then i put it down in a dryer spot to recover. But I just went back out to see it again, check its progess, and its still fighting for its life :( 

Conclusion: sky, please don't rain when my bees are out. They're not built for water :( its like putting a sponge under a showerhead. 

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