Today I went to what use to be the Sealife centre. Well its changed its name now to something with Blue in it. Total crap. But anyway. Funny little story for you...
I remember going in primary school and today I saw the exact place and remembered the person talking to us about mermaids purses and starfish. Anyway, I remember years ago on this school trip down to sealife centre, the woman let us hold on of the starfish, but she was like "okay make sure your hands wet before you pick it up or it will stick to you" and I didn't dare do it because I thought 'oh no, what if I dont wet my hand properly, im gunna have this starfish on my hand for the rest of my life'. okay. maybe its not that funny. But it made my mam titter when i told her. Anyway, years ago, you used to be able to touch the animals, but now they have stupid signs up saying you cant touch them. I wanted to touch a sting ray :( 
Heres a few pics. I'll probably put some more on when i get them off my phone. Im quite surprised with the camera on this phone actually. I only worked out how to get them off onto the computer the other week (after having the phone since last August may I add) but yeah, its quite alright. Those pictures below off my sad bee were all taken with my phone. I think this blog is becoming a wildlife blog.
P.s. Watch out for those Dog Faced Puffer Fish.

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