He's nearly finished.


Pictures of my work in the {e}motive Exhibition Catalogue.

Still for sale!

Dallas Green of Alexisonfire/City and Colour watercolour painting print by Sammy Brennan. Limited to 50 copies only! A3 size, mounted in a cream card frame. £35 per print with free postage and packing (UK). Bargain for a limited edition print!

Dallas has number 2/50! Gave a print to him at the City and Colour shows in London this summer and he loved it.

Available from….



Marys gotta have a baby....


Also, I've now got myself a Tumblr account, which I will be posting stuff on, probably more regularly than I do on here. If you have Tumblr please follow me and I'll follow you back and we can spread tumblr love all over the place!


In other news, I think I mentioned that my work that I did for Funky Toadstool last year was featured in Augusts' Vogue Magazine.
Heres it is.

Made some progress with my Mary painting... I've added Gold Leaf to it, which is possibly my new favorite hobby. I'm just going to gold leaf everything I own I think. It's so fun to use, and makes a mess which is always a bonus.
Here's how she stands at the moment.



Spot of afternoon painting.
Mary painting in Progress.
Going to get this done by the end of the day hopefully.