Ohh busy busy. Did a photoshoot yesterday for my friends photography project. It was super super fun and I got to dress up crazy.
Heres a post shoot picture.  
More will follow I'm sure once my friend Emma has chosen the best shots etc.
(Notice the hottie on the right..)


Little preview of and illustration I've started from the photoshoot with Eliza Delite for my Bacardi Brief.


Haven't posted properly for ages! Uni has been busy and I've been a bit lost! 
I did a studio photoshoot with my beautiful friend Eliza Delite for my YCN brief. Last time I used a studio properly was at college, think I might book myself in again so that I can get some practice while the facility is here at uni to practice with! It was a really fun shoot.
I'm going to be doing illustrations from the photoshoot, but for now heres a little taster of the shoot. 


Playing in CAD lessons.