My Mam is a collector of taxidermy. 
Our house will look like this one day...


Fish. Some products from the nights work.


Fishy, fishy, fishy, coffee?

When wool falls in love, there's just nothing you can do to stop it...


Just watching videos on youtube and found this little gem of a video.


cringe for your life

Cry. This is for Sam.
Far too much time (or not so much time because I should be doing other things). Cringe worthy but oh well. For the halloween season.





Thought I'd make a little post with my tattoos in since the latest has healed now, and I don't think I've actually ever taken any photos of them all and documented them. 
Anchor and Owl by Oliver Peck (yes.. Kat Von D's Ex Husband). And Rose by Carl Cooke, Artful Ink, Bowburn.

200 and I haven't died

Woah hello blog. 
Have been busy lately and not had chance to blog! 
I went home at the weekend as I was feeling a little home sick and fed up of people trying to force alcohol on me (I'm SXE) nd just generally needed some homeyness. I did go to Pickering War Weekend on Saturday which was really really good! Heres a photo of me and Mam...

Also been busy with uni.. got alot of work, and also trying to keep up with the Burlesque society.. if you live in Leicester and you read my blog, you should all come to our "Grande Opening" show "Cirque De Burlesque" which is on the 4th November in the SU at De Montfort uni, tickets are just £5 and are available from the SU level 1 bar. 
Also if you live in Leicester.. you might (well I hope you will) see my posters and flyers I did for the show around in shops, so pick one up and come to the show and see some circus burlesque fun! 

This is my 200th blog post. 
So Happy 200 everyone.
Im sure my blog must have a Birthday too, I'll have to look when my first post was.


Couple more photos from Alexis on Saturday night in Nottingham. 
I feel like this should just be an Alexisonfire blog.

Decided to finish off (FINALLY) my Dallas Green painting today and got it off the wooden board. 
Anyone wanting a print I'm probably going to be selling them soon once I find a place where I can get good quality prints from.. (they'll be limited and numbered and signed) so give me a shout if you want one. Price to be arranged. 
Here he is.


Here was my final (remade) animation for the week long brief. 
"Bring an Object to Life"
Presented it today at Uni.


Fish project at university.


Heres a couple of photos from tonight

I had a last Minute arrangement/invite/lift to go and see Alexisonfire tonight. YAY!!!! 
As most people who know me will know, I'm completely obsessed with Alexisonfire and was gutted that I wasn't going to be able to see the Eastpak tour... 
Photos probably to follow... Didn't meet any this time though :( my friend was driving and didn't want to be driving back too late.. we waited as long as we could.



First attempt at stop frame for Uni. 
Brief is "Bring an object to life" 
Im going to redo this cause alot of the pictures are blurry and the sound is ALL over, I know its terrible. I also need to record some voices but my flatmates probably already think I'm crazy playing telephone noises 1000 times to try and get it to match, even though it still doesn't. 
So this is just a first attempt.
I'm going to call it "Telebones"
And I don not understand why it looks like a "cutout" effect when I put it on here.


I really need to draw lots. 
Not drawing for a while = Crappy drawings


Since I haven't actually used Imovie before, or made a movie ever. I thought I'd have a go as I think I'm going to have to use it alot this year. 
Little video I took while Sam was trying out a homemade ring flash and Andrew was throwing biscuit dough.
Song credit to the wonderful Bjork.


Tattoo I'm doing for a friend. Rough stage. 
I do realise that the humming bird looks like a 2 year old did it. Its just a rough shape.

Face on a Flyer

Face on a flyer. 
Powder Room Burlesque Show. 
If you live in Leicester youve probably seen these around, but since Im oblivious to things, I only found these the other day, apparently they've been out for a while.
I didn't put the flyer together (I think the photographer did?), it's just my face. 
Showing I can't wink very well, nor model.