Good Illustrator- Felix LaFlamme

So everytime I've been going into HMV lately I've spotted that zombie Michael Jackson tshirt and thought mmmmm it was lush. Well today I went shopping with Sam in Newcastle and we both saw it and were like mmmmm lush. And thought sod it lets just get it. 
Its possibly the lushest thing I've seen in a long time. Its printed really nicely with really good colours, and just generally a lush illustration. After closer inspection, we've found the designer, and his work is lush. Its a bit like another of my favorite illustrators, Dan Mumford. So if you like illustration of the gothic skully gory kind, check out the designer of the MJ shirt, hes super. 
Oh, also. This shirt is actually one of the pieces of merch that would have been sold at the MJ shows, had he not died. Mmmm. Gunna be a collectors piece. Lets go get 10 more :


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