Back from exciting stuff

Okay. So I just got back from the best time ever in London. Me and Sam only managed to get tickets for one of three show. BUT. How would you feel if Dallas Green HIMSELF put you on the guest list. Yep. Right now, I'm just so happy I cant write a proper blog right now. I'll probably write a whole blog about it soon but this is just an excited update from me getting back and stuff I've got.

P.s. I put my blog and stuff on the back of the painting I gave Dallas, so if by any chance at all in the entire universe that you're reading this, Dallas. I th
ank you. Alot. x

Setting up RIGHT infront of me. One of his pedals fell off :(

I got a pic off steele at the end of the show. So when i was thanking Dallas for getting us in, I got one last photo with him and got him to sign it.. he signed one side and it went all funny so he turned it over and did the other side. When he was signing it he was like... OH YOU CAUGHT MY PIC?! and me and sam were like no we dunno where it went, steele gave me that one!

Shame we didn't get to meet Rat, but for time amount of times we saw the others, I can't complain.

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