Hoot Hoot

At uni we have a new lecturer whos from the Czec Republic and she showed us some lino prints that shed done a few weeks ago and she was explaining that that lino which she used is proper floor lino but its not available anymore in the UK as the makers have stopped making it and its IMPOSSIBLE to find, so she gets it from Czec where they still have it. Today she braught some in for us to have a look at and a little go of cutting. It was lush. ALOT easier to cut than regular lino used in printing. also it was alot more plasticy and thinner. Juggling my brain sat at my desk I was trying to think what i could use with a similar texture of the lino she had braught in, when it dawned on me when i looked down. CUTTING MAT! So I got my cutters out and began chopping away. Its really good to use, so ill be getting myself a new cutting mat and buying many more rather than spending loads on normal lino which isn't as good. The last one didn't print as good, some proper black printing ink is on the shopping list. Also im going to add more leaves to it. Just thought id blog it as it is for the moment.

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